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VOC in Action: How Emojot’s Emotion Sensors® Could Have Circumvented Corporate Conundrums

In real time customer engagement, VOC by Stephanie Gonawela

Corporate executives often spend so much time mulling over figures, stressing over projections, and brainstorming with strategists that they forget the single most valuable source of information they have when it comes to expanding their enterprises: their customers. Especially during difficult times, ignoring your current clients’ feelings and opinions could … Read More »

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Things You Never Knew About Emojis

In emojis, emotional connection, Emotions by Stephanie Gonawela

From their international origins to the latest literary “emojification” to Emojot’ innovative Emotion Sensors®, learn more about these quirky characters’ past, present, and future. Your friend sends you a hilarious text, and you respond with the “crying laughing” emoji. You text your significant other a “winky face.” Your mom sends … Read More »

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How to Improve the Morale of Production Line Workers

In employee engagement by Stephanie Gonawela

With technological advancements the importance of maintaining staff morale for production line workers is a priority that organizations should focus on. Production line work is arguably one of the most physically taxing jobs. Although technology and automation have made it easier, the importance maintaining staff morale in this sector is … Read More »

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The History of Emojot

In CX, emojis, emotional connection, VOA, VOC, VOE by Stephanie Gonawela

A Play by Play of the Company’s Vision, its Earliest Inception, and a WIP Towards a Continuous Mission in the Technology Space There is always a distinct history behind any organization – how it began, its first steps, important milestones achieved and the people who have worked towards making its … Read More »