Asiri Health Extends Partnership with Emojot to Enhance Patient Experience Management

Colombo, Sri Lanka — August 10, 2023. Asiri Health, Sri Lanka’s foremost chain of hospitals and laboratories across the country, is happy to announce the extension of its 5-year partnership with Emojot, the customer-centric digital transformation platform, for a further three years.  The Emojot patient experience management tool plays an important role in Asiri Health’s constant endeavor to elevate patient experience.

As the leader in Sri Lanka’s private healthcare sector, all 6 of the Asiri Group Hospitals have international accreditation for patient care & safety. Asiri Hospital’s expansion to six locations is a demonstration of its commitment to make high quality healthcare accessible to all of Sri Lanka. The following requisites have been identified as important to achieve this,

  1. Engaging Attentively with Patient Feedback: Measuring patient experience at different touchpoints to ensure a smooth experience.
  2. Acting Promptly on Feedback: Fostering continuous enhancement and rectifying issues swiftly.
  3. Monitoring KPIs: Observing a spectrum of industry-standard Key Performance Indicators concerning patient care.
  4. Evaluating Staff Performance: Based on contributions to the aforementioned processes.

Ms. Indresh Fernando, Chief Process Officer (CPO) at Asiri Health, provided an engaging perspective, saying, “Our patients are at the core of everything we do. Through our partnership with Emojot, we’ve integrated innovative digital solutions that allow us to respond to their needs like never before. This has been instrumental in elevating the standard of patient care across our facilities.”

Dr. Shahani Markus, Founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Emojot, remarked, “This enduring partnership stands as an example of advancements in patient care within Sri Lanka. Emojot is committed to equipping the Asiri Group with cutting-edge experience management and digitization solutions to further elevate their capabilities.”

About the Asiri Health Group

Asiri Health, Sri Lanka’s leading group of private hospitals & diagnostic facilities counts over 35yrs of excellence in healthcare and comprises 6 hospitals in 3 provinces and the largest private laboratory network, offering the most tests.

The Group employs, consults, and partners with the most dedicated, skilled, and experienced healthcare professionals in Sri Lanka and offers the most advanced clinical programmes in the country.

Patient experience and positive outcomes are at the core of all Asiri Health endeavors.  

About Emojot

Emojot, a comprehensive platform for intelligent, Customer-Centric Digital Transformation is a global technology pioneer specializing in revolutionizing customer centricity with AI-driven solutions. Their cutting-edge solutions, such as Experience Management (XM), WorkFlow Management (WFM) and much more, empower businesses to meticulously monitor, efficiently manage, and proactively enhance their online presence and customer satisfaction. Utilizing AI capabilities and real-time alerts, Emojot’s solutions cater to industries spanning hospitality, healthcare, retail, and more, offering valuable insights, improved customer satisfaction, and accelerated growth.

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