Boosting Team Morale with Emojot Year-End Party Team Building Event Strengthened Our Team Bonds.


Team building activities have become an essential part of any organization’s culture. They are an excellent way to foster collaboration, boost morale, and build strong relationships among employees. The Emojot team last year organized a team-building activity using the Emojot platform, which turned out to be a huge success. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at this activity and how it brought the team together, using the Emojot platform.

The Solution

The HR team at Emojot organized a year-end party, and they decided to incorporate a team-building activity into the event using the Emojot platform. They created an Emotion Sensors™ that included riddles and divided the employees into teams. The teams had to solve the riddles using the Emojot platform. The activity started with a brief introduction and rules were explained to the teams. The rules were simple, each team had to solve the riddles using the Emotion Sensors™ within a given time frame. The teams were awarded points based on the number of riddles they solved correctly and within the time frame.

The riddles included in the Emotion Sensors™ were challenging, and the teams had to work together to solve them. The activity was not only fun and engaging, but it also required employees to think critically and work collaboratively. The teams were motivated to solve the riddles, and there was a sense of healthy competition among them.

After each team had solved the riddles, the HR team used another Emotion Sensors™ to reveal the answers. The use of the emojot platform not only made the riddle activity more exciting but also provided valuable data on audience engagement. By the end of the activity, everyone was fully engaged, and the energy in the room was electric.

Answer for the Riddle

The Result

The Emojot team building activity was a great success. It brought the employees together, encouraged collaboration, and fostered a sense of healthy competition among them. The activity was not only fun, but it also helped to build stronger relationships among the team members. The Emojot platform provided valuable data on audience engagement, which the HR team could use to improve future activities.

The Emojot platform can be used as the perfect tool for team-building activities. Its user-friendly interface allows teams to participate, and the HR team can easily track the progress and results of each team.


In conclusion, the Emojot team-building activity was an excellent way to bring the employees together and build stronger relationships among them. The use of the Emojot platform, with its audience engagement capabilities, and Emotion Sensors™, made the activity fun, engaging, and interactive. 

The success of the Emojot team-building activity shows that a well-planned team-building activity can have a positive impact on employees’ morale and relationships. Organizations need to incorporate team-building activities into their culture to promote collaboration, communication, and teamwork among employees. Emojot platforms can help organizations achieve this goal by providing innovative and effective tools for team-building activities.