Emojot Partners with the Integrated Logistics Cluster of Advantis Group to Enhance its Employee and Customer Happiness Measurement

Colombo, Sri Lanka (March 05th, 2024) – Emojot, a global leader in customer experience management solutions, is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with the Advantis Group, a prominent transportation and logistics company with a rich history of over six decades of industry expertise. This collaboration aims to measure and improve the Group’s employee and customer happiness through the implementation of the Employee Happiness Index (EHI) Survey as well as the Customer Happiness Survey (CHS), powered by Emojot’s innovative Emotion Sensors TM .

The EHI, is a survey campaign conducted through SMS. It consists of weekly questions covering various
aspects of the workplace such as colleagues, management, and welfare. Designed with a user-friendly
interface and customised branding, the survey creates an engaging experience for employees.
Additionally, for the CHS, multiple channels including QR Codes and survey URLs on invoices and other
customer touchpoints were employed to effectively engage customers and gather their feedback.

Emojot’s rapid deployment capabilities enabled the seamless implementation of the EHI across all
Strategic Business Units (SBUs) within the Integrated Logistics cluster of the Advantis Group in just under
two weeks. This swift execution highlights the agility and efficiency of Emojot’s solutions in delivering
immediate value to organisations. Moreover, for the CHS, Emojot successfully aligned the survey with
the branding guidelines and requirements of the Integrated Logistics cluster, ensuring a seamless and
user-friendly experience.

By analysing the findings of the EHI and CHS, the management of the Integrated Logistics cluster gained
valuable insights shared by both employees and customers. The surveys identified pain points that
required immediate attention to ensure both employee and customer satisfaction. With the responses
provided, the management acquired the necessary understanding of areas that needed improvement,
enabling them to take prompt action.

A notable aspect of the EHI was, the implementation of weekly surveys, which allowed employees to
feel heard. This provided a convenient and anonymous channel for them to interact directly with the
management. This initiative has significantly enhanced employee engagement and further strengthened
the employee-employer relationship within the cluster.

Commenting on the partnership, Dr. Asanka Ratnayake, Deputy Managing Director of the Advantis
Group said, “we are excited to partner with Emojot to implement both the EHI and CHS within the
Integrated Logistics cluster of Advantis. This project reflects our commitment to prioritising our
employees’ well-being as well as our service levels. By leveraging Emojot’s innovative solutions, we can
gain valuable insights into our employees’ and customers’ sentiments and address their needs

Mr. Viraj Amarasena, Head of Sales at Emojot, also expressed excitement about the collaboration,
stating, “We are thrilled to collaborate with the Advantis Group on the EHI and CHS project. By utilising
Emojot’s powerful Emotion Sensors TM and rapidly deployable solutions, we are enabling our clients to
measure employee and customer happiness and gain valuable insights.”

The collaboration between Emojot and the Advantis Group emphasises the shared commitment to
understanding and enhancing employee and customer happiness. By leveraging Emojot’s expertise and
powerful Emotion Sensors TM the Integrated Logistics cluster of the Advantis Groups aims to continuously
improve its work environment and service levels and ensure the satisfaction of its employees and

About the Integrated Logistics Cluster of Advantis:
The Integrated Logistics cluster of the Advantis Group provides a comprehensive range of end-to-end
logistics solutions, including 3PL, freight forwarding, free zone operations, warehousing, inland
container depot services, international express delivery, bonded storage and domestic courier services.
The strength of this seamless service offering has won Advantis many accolades from clients and
industries across the region. As Sri Lanka’s most diversified transportation and logistics provider, the
Advantis Group is a member of the Hayleys Group, a distinguished multinational conglomerate. With its
strong industry presence and expertise, the Advantis Group is actively driving growth and expanding its
operations across Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, the Maldives, Myanmar, Singapore, and Thailand.

About Emojot:
Emojot is a globally recognised technology company specialising in advanced customer experience
management solutions. Through its Emotion SensorsTM and innovative platforms, Emojot empowers
businesses across various industries to measure, analyze, and optimize customer experiences. Emojot’s
solutions are trusted by organizations worldwide to gather valuable insights, enhance customer
satisfaction, and drive growth.

For media inquiries, please contact:
Sugeeshwa Galhena (sugeeshwa@emojot.com)