How Emojot Works for Restaurants

Having a restaurant doesn’t boil down to providing appetizing food but also providing a great service to your guests – it’s all about creating a customer experience that will generate repeat business for you in the long run. With an influx of technological advancements, modern dining has transformed into a new paradox of acting far beyond the physical experience. The use of mobile apps has begun driving everything from ordering, tracking, delivery, pick-up and opinion-sharing too. This shift puts your guests in the driver’s seat and your success is dependent on how you can maintain consistent customer engagement to create a long-lasting emotional connection with them. According to Deloitte’s restaurant customer experience survey, 60% of guests said a positive experience will cause them to dine at the restaurant more frequently. So, it pretty much depends on having a feasible customer experience strategy. A strategy that would yield beneficial results to your customers and the growth of your restaurant as well. Do you think creating a positive experience will make guests dine more at the restaurant?

As a restaurant owner, you should primarily think of what your guests truly want. And, we know this can be a challenging task with an influx of guests visiting your restaurant day in and day out. But it is important to action upon this. With the basis of restaurant competition evolving during this day and age, it is important to hear your customers out and drive factors that help in achieving your restaurant’s mission – menu, taste, price, convenience, staff and safety. And that too by using a user-friendly method that can engage your guests in real-time and generate information. Information that would empower you to initiate best decision-making practices. This gold-mine of information is what we refer to as data. Data that can be stored and used for a positive future of your restaurant. Yes, we do know there are so many customer experience/engagement platforms to choose from in the market. But, it’s all about picking the right customer experience platform, isn’t it? How do you expect your CX platform to be?

How we gather information is versatile, I must say. Our voice of customer platform follows a pretty simple, yet effective customer engagement methodology. This solution translates into the voice of all your guests to generate customer feedback instantly and help you nurture emotional connections with them. Emotional connections that would help you personalize their experience than ever before. Wouldn’t it be awesome for you to provide a great service and give them what they truly want by exploiting their emotional triggers? Emotional triggers that can help you increase your service levels by 8% – 11% each time they pay you a visit? Hold on, we are not done yet 😊 How about a gamification methodology that can empower your employees? Gamification that helps you incentivize your servers to increase their productivity levels and efficiencies by 8% – 10%? With all these very cool features included in the platform you are bound to make all your hungry guests satisfied. Satisfied in a way they’d want to re-visit you, almost, always. Re-visiting means an increase in brand loyalty and referral, right? Isn’t that what you truly want. Think about it. You’d be able to make the right decisions at the right time. Decisions that would help you create an appetizing future for your restaurant. A future that will stand so tall amongst them all.