Enhancing Customer Engagement with Emojot’s Emotion Sensors™: The Power of Skip Logic

As businesses look for better ways to engage with their customers, Emojot‘s Emotion Sensors™ have become increasingly popular. These sensors are designed to capture customer feedback, giving businesses a better understanding of how customers feel about their products, services, and overall experience.

One of the key features of Emojot’s Emotion Sensors™ is skip-logic. This feature allows for the customization of the sensor’s behavior based on the data it collects, which helps to eliminate unnecessary steps and ensure that only relevant information is processed. This not only improves the accuracy and reliability of the sensor but also helps to optimize its performance. Additionally, skip logic can be used to streamline the data collection process and make it more user-friendly, which can ultimately lead to greater user satisfaction.

What is Skip Logic?

Skip logic is a capability that allows businesses to design a survey that dynamically changes based on the respondent’s answers. For example, if a respondent’s answer is “No” to a question, skip logic can automatically skip some questions and move on to the questions that are most relevant to the respondent’s answer.

Skip logic is not a new concept in the world of surveys and questionnaires but Emojot’s skip logic stands out due to its ability to provide a variety of customization options to accommodate specific needs. Emojot supports diverse scenarios, enabling both simple and complex skip logic.

How Does Skip-Logic Work in Emotion Sensors™?

By utilizing skip logic, Emojot’s Emotion Sensors™ provide a personalized and engaging experience for respondents. This approach enhances the sensor’s efficiency and minimizes respondents’ time to complete it.

Emojot Skip Logic Configuration Capabilities

Implementing skip logic in Emotion Sensor™ is a straightforward process. Skip logic can easily be configured when creating or updating the sensor. The Emojot platform offers the ability to set conditions for responses on preceding pages in the sensor.
There are various options and capabilities to define logic in an Emotion Sensors™

  • End in this page: End the sensor for respondents who meet the logic criteria when they reach the current page.
  • Next page: Allow respondents to proceed to a specific page of their choice after they have completed the logic criteria.
  • End in next page: Make the next page the final page for respondents who meet the logic criteria.
  • Redirect on: Set up the logic for redirecting respondents to a specific page based on their responses.

Naming Logics and Easy Identification of Logic-Enabled Pages

Emojot’s platform makes skip logic management easier for creators by allowing them to give unique names and recognizable icons to pages that have skip logic enabled.

Emojot Skip Logic Vizualizer

The Emojot platform, in particular, offers a one-click option to visualize skip logic flows for Emotion Sensors™. This feature assists the creators of the sensors in gaining a comprehensive understanding of sensor behavior, while also reducing the effort and potential errors associated with the configuration process.

The Benefits of Skip-Logic in Emotion Sensors™

Emojot’s Emotion Sensors™ offer numerous benefits through skip logic configuration. The foremost advantage is that it enhances efficiency by reducing the response time required from respondents. This, in turn, enables businesses to collect more feedback in a shorter time, improving the overall effectiveness of the sensor.

Additionally, skip logic functionality creates a more personalized and engaging experience for respondents by guiding them to relevant questions and skipping irrelevant ones. This approach fosters a more enjoyable and interactive experience for users.

Furthermore, skip logic generates valuable insights into customer behavior, preferences, and satisfaction levels. By triggering follow-up questions based on respondents’ answers, businesses can gain a deeper understanding of their customers’ needs and preferences, leading to more informed decisions about improving their products and services.


In the realm of Emojot’s Emotion Sensors™, skip logic is a highly potent capability that serves a critical role. It empowers businesses to create an interactive and personalized experience for respondents, leading to enhanced effectiveness and efficiency of the sensors. Furthermore, skip logic provides valuable insights into customer preferences and identifies areas for improvement. As businesses aim to improve their approaches to engaging customers, skip logic is anticipated to play an increasingly crucial role in the domain of surveys and questionnaires.