Good Life X and Emojot Team Up for Innovative Unconference Focused on Circular Business Models

Good Life X recently hosted the Unconference, a noteworthy event that convened leaders in sustainability and technology. With the support of the European Union, GIZ, and Expertise France, this collaborative forum was dedicated to exploring and advancing circular business model practices in key industries. Specialized speakers from the Good Life X Community, including Gihan Candappa (Kalundewa Retreat), Sonali Pandithasekera (Serendipol Pvt. Ltd), Lonali Rodrigo (House of Lonali), Anuradha Ranasinghe (Owita Organics), and Julien Bailly and Aoife O’Sullivan (Una Bambu), contributed insights and expertise to the discussions.

Representing the sectors of tourism, FMCG, apparel, agriculture, and construction, these entrepreneurs led small group discussions, sharing their successes and challenges in implementing circular practices within their industries. This collaborative effort aimed at identifying practical solutions for the private sector’s transition towards a more sustainable and circular economy.

A highlight of the Unconference was the innovative engagement of Emojot as the audience engagement partner. Emojot’s state-of-the-art Emotion SensorsTM were strategically employed at various points during the event. The registration process was seamlessly handled through the Emojot platform, ensuring a smooth start to the event. Additionally, the Unconference featured two breakout sessions where participants were invited to provide real-time feedback via a QR code scan. This input was crucial, as it allowed for the immediate projection of analytics, offering a dynamic and interactive element to the discussions.

This collaboration between Good Life X and Emojot signifies a significant step in the journey towards more sustainable business practices. The insights gained from this Unconference are expected to drive positive change across the participating industries, showcasing the power of collective action and innovative technology in addressing environmental challenges. 

Good Life X and Emojot extend their gratitude to all participants and look forward to continuing their joint efforts to promote good business practices that benefit both people and the planet.

About Good Life X:

– Good Life X (GLX) operates as a catalyst for innovation and development, focusing on cultivating a new era of life-enhancing companies in South Asia. Specializing in regenerative business models and sustainable practices, GLX collaborates closely with entrepreneurs, SMEs and corporations across diverse sectors, including food & agri, market access, circular design, wellness, and experiential hospitality. 

– Serving as a dynamic link between new aged businesses and investors, GLX is committed to fostering regenerative innovation. The track record includes the transformation of over 100 Sri Lankan entrepreneurs into pioneers of a regenerative economy.

– Aligned with a global movement promoting economically viable, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible practices, GLX invites you to be part of the transformative journey towards constructing a sustainable future in South Asia.

About Emojot:

Emojot is a global technology innovator specializing in advanced customer centric solutions. By unlocking the heartbeat of businesses through a unified platform that delivers extraordinary insights, Emojot empowers organizations to capture, analyze, and respond to real-time customer sentiments and feedback. Emojot’s innovative AI-driven solutions, including its pioneering Emotion Sensors™, redefine how businesses comprehend their customers, employees, and competitors. Businesses across various industries trust Emojot’s AI-driven solutions to drive revenue, enhance customer retention, and elevate brand identity.  For more information, please visit

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