Overcoming Language Barriers with Emojot’s Localization Feature for Effective Employee Feedback


Gathering effective feedback from employees is critical for the growth and success of any company, as it enhances employee engagement and improves operational efficiency and productivity. However, it can be challenging to gather feedback from a diverse workforce, particularly when language barriers exist. In this article, we will discuss how an apparel manufacturing company overcame this challenge using the Emojot platform.


The apparel manufacturing company efficiently gathers feedback from its extensive workforce using Emojot’s localization feature. With Emojot’s platform, the company can conduct a survey in multiple languages, enabling employees to comprehend and respond in their preferred language easily. The platform’s user-friendly approach makes it easy for employees to provide feedback without hassle.

The Emojot platform utilized the Emotion Sensor™ to facilitate localization. It allows employees to provide feedback in the language of their choice by selecting their preferred language from a drop-down menu or image buttons. The Emotion Sensor™ is loaded automatically in the chosen language, simplifying the feedback process.

Figure.1.1 Language Selection option-Buttons
Figure.1.2 Language selection option- Dropdown

Emojot’s platform also allows for localization features based on the company’s enterprise hierarchy. It generates customized Emotion Sensor™ URLs based on enterprise hierarchy and language, eliminating the need for employees to navigate a selection process. This feature enables feedback collection according to the enterprise hierarchy while allowing employees to provide honest feedback without selection barriers. The Emojot platform provides an easy way to analyze feedback, generating valuable insights for informed decision-making based on the enterprise hierarchy.

  Figure.1.3 Customized Emotion Sensor™ based on enterprise hierarchy


The localization feature offered by Emojot has been a game-changer for the apparel manufacturing company. The ability to offer a survey in different languages has resulted in more accurate and honest feedback from a diverse workforce. The Emojot localization feature has made it easy for employees to provide feedback in their preferred language, resulting in increased employee engagement, improved communication, and better decision-making processes.


Emojot’s localization feature helps overcome language barriers when collecting employee feedback through the Emotion Sensor™, allowing companies to gather feedback in multiple languages and resulting in more accurate and honest feedback from a diverse workforce. The experience of the apparel manufacturing company demonstrates that using Emojot can lead to more effective feedback collection and better organizational outcomes.