What is an Emotion Sensor™?

Wouldn’t it be great if technology could help your organization understand your customers’ feelings and step in to give you insights on which problem needs fixing, prevent you from doing something that’s not beneficial and point out the return on investment on what you’re doing right?

Imagine yourself when a deadline is drawing near, and your software keeps giving you a tough time. Or, maybe you’re upset at your immediate boss and struggle to tell him/her how you feel about his treatment towards you. Imagine yourself when your customers complain about your products/services on social media and destroy the brand image you have built up over the years? It’s an awful experience to go through isn’t it?

This is where emotionally aware systems can step in and play a vital role to your brand/organization. Be it your customers, your employees or your target audiences – they need to be understood, at any given point in time. Why, you may wonder? Understanding these segments will certainly become more valuable to your business at each step of a predictable “emotional pathway” as they can transition from being unconnected to being highly satisfied to perceiving brand differentiation to being fully connected. To get to one transitioning point to the other, it is important to engage with your customers to know how they truly feel and connect with them thereafter by acting on what’s necessary. You must know that, connected customers are bound to define the success or failure of your business.

To perform this task easily, our platform uses a visual survey mechanism that can be used in a simplified manner to capture emotions of the voice of customers, voice of employees or voice of audiences. Why use a visual survey mechanism? It’s simply because we are visual creatures and 30% of our brains are engaged in processing visual information which has resulted in 63% of social media being made up of images. Essentially, as human beings, we connect with images better. And we prove this statement to be affirmative with what our platform has to offer in the form of what we refer to as Emotion Sensors™. Through this mechanism, we leverage the power of emojis to transform engagement (with your preferred audience) with a simple touch. And, that too with engagement that’s creative and fun. By using these Emotion Sensors™, businesses can visualize their path ahead, transform themselves rapidly and create an emotional connection with their customers like never before.
What do you think about Emotion Sensors™?