Emotion Sensors™

World Environment Day

World Environment Day is a critical event, particularly considering the current environmental crisis we are facing. To enhance awareness and engagement on this significant day, a survey was conducted using an Emotion Sensor™. This survey utilizes visually appealing multimedia content and renowned environmental quotes to create an educational and motivating experience. Careful attention was given to its captivating design, featuring an attractive green-themed visual style along with relevant emojis and skin tones. The Emotion Sensor™ incorporates an advanced scoring system, a score-based thank you page, and comprehensive analytics, including a geo-map and pulse meter, to deliver valuable insights.

Customer Complaints Management Survey

The Customer Complaints Management Survey is an effective method for collecting feedback and resolving customer issues. By utilizing the Emotion Sensor™, businesses can capture customer complaints and gain valuable insights to identify areas of dissatisfaction for resolution. The survey is visually appealing, featuring attractive designs, relevant emojis, and diverse skin tones that enhance customer engagement. It includes comment fields and files attachment options to encourage customers to provide detailed feedback and supporting evidence for their complaints. The Profile Data Capturing feature gathers information about the participants, providing valuable insights and facilitating further communication with customers to aid in issue resolution. By implementing a complaint notification system, businesses can ensure that relevant personnel are promptly alerted to address customer complaints.

Academy Awards

The Academy Awards hold immense significance in the film industry, creating a high level of excitement among fans worldwide as it recognizes exceptional movies and actors. To involve film enthusiasts and gather their opinions on potential award winners, a survey was conducted using Emojot’s Emotion Sensor™. This survey employs Dynamic Answer Piping, a technique that tailors the content based on respondents’ previous answers, thereby increasing overall engagement and enjoyment of the quiz. The Display Text feature enhances interactivity and enjoyment during the quiz by creatively presenting the text, immersing users completely, and delivering a more satisfying experience. Ultimately, by measuring the percentage of users responding to each emoticon, comprehensive analytics can be obtained to understand user sentiment and engagement more comprehensively.

International Civil Aviation Day

The International Civil Aviation Day quiz utilized Emojot’s Emotion Sensor™ to evaluate participants’ knowledge of the civil aviation industry. The Emotion Sensor™ enhances user engagement by incorporating captivating multimedia content, such as eye-catching images related to aviation, creating an immersive and enjoyable experience. Additionally, it features an advanced scoring system that assigns scores based on user responses, allowing for analysis of user engagement analytics. The Profile Data Capturing feature gathered information about the participants, providing valuable insights and enabling performance tracking via the leaderboard. Additionally, participants were able to access the answers to the quiz through an embedded survey integrated within the main survey.

The Olympic Quiz

The Emojot's Emotion Sensor™ elevates the Olympic quiz experience by incorporating captivating visual elements, including relevant emojis and diverse skin tones. These elements effectively immerse participants, inspiring them to provide meaningful responses. Upon completion of the quiz, participants are greeted with a thank you page that showcases the correct answers, along with valuable insights derived from advanced analytics, including pulse meter data and a geo-map.

World Social Media Day

June 30th is recognized as World Social Media Day, and Emojot introduced the Emotion Sensor™ specifically designed to align with the themes of this day. This survey employs visually captivating multimedia elements and presents intriguing information related to social media, resulting in an educational and inspiring experience for participants. Moreover, it utilizes a sophisticated scoring system, a thank you page based on scores, and comprehensive analytics, including a pulse meter, to provide valuable insights.

International Men’s Day

The Emotion Sensor™ developed by Emojot played a vital role in a survey aimed at promoting awareness of International Men’s Day 2020 and related subjects. This innovative tool was carefully designed with visually appealing themes and captivating aesthetics, utilizing a range of expressive emojis to gather valuable feedback from users. The survey incorporated engaging multimedia elements, including striking visuals, meaningful quotes, and thought-provoking statements, creating an inspiring experience for participants. Additionally, the survey leveraged advanced analytics, such as pulse meter and geo map, to generate valuable insights and a comprehensive understanding of the data collected.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S Trivia Quiz

Friends, the renowned TV show, has achieved global fame. To engage with its fans, a quiz was arranged using Emojot’s Emotion Sensor™. Through the utilization of GIFs and animated emojis, this emotion sensor brought fans deep into the world of Friends, allowing them to fully engage with the dynamic presence of their cherished characters. The quiz incorporated an advanced scoring system, and upon completion, participants were shown a thank you page that showcased their overall score. This page also included correct answers for self-assessment and presented learning opportunities to deepen fans’ knowledge and enhance their enjoyment of the series.

Harry Potter

The Emojot’s Emotion Sensor™ quiz was conducted to actively involve fans of the Harry Potter movie series, which is globally renowned. This survey incorporated captivating multimedia components, including stunning visuals and pertinent information, in order to create an immersive and motivational experience for participants. After answering the questions, participants received immediate feedback on the correctness of their responses. This quiz also featured an advanced scoring system, and upon finishing, participants were presented with a thank you page that displayed their overall score.

World Emoji Day

Emojot’s Emotion Sensor™ utilizes emojis to engage survey participants in a more captivating way. This innovative campaign was launched on World Emoji Day, and great care was taken to design an attractive visual style, incorporating relevant emojis and diverse skin tones. The survey itself integrated compelling multimedia components, including visually stunning graphics and informative content, to immerse participants and motivate their responses. Immediate feedback on response accuracy was provided to participants, and the quiz featured an advanced scoring system. Upon completion, participants were presented with a thank you page that displayed their overall score, adding a sense of gratitude and accomplishment to the experience.