Employee Engagement

Implementing a Voice of Employee (VoE) Program

Founder of the Virgin family of corporations, Sir Richard Branson has been quoted as saying, “The best way to take care of your customers is to take care of the employees who take care of your customers.” As per Branson happy employees will result in good customer service, this will help companies thrive in business. Employee retention and training is a key part of successful business. Low employee retention will result in loss of corporate memory, cost in training a new employee and reducing work efficiency. Training a new employee will cost three times as much as retaining an employee. That is why it is so important to understand the “Voice of the Employee” (VoE). VoE Program is? A VoE program is designed to increase employee engagement and identify the areas to improve. Also, this will help you identify root causes for existing issues that matter to your employees and possible solution for the problems. Collection of information like this makes it easier to increase employee engagement, develop better performance reward programs, identify areas to improve, reduce attrition and gage overall satisfaction of the employees. As per the latest studies, benefiting employees in their daily life is the key, which means that the employees care more about the benefits that they see on a daily basis and the employee voice is been heard over their size their paycheck. Benefits of a VoE Program? Higher retention rates Lower development cost Feeling appreciated Feeling understood Happy and engaged staff Higher employee morale and fewer complaints Higher ROI How to Start a Voice of the Employee System 1. Start at the Top The value of the employee engagement program should be understood by the CXO level, especially the chief people officer of the organization. This would be the primary step towards implementing a […]