Emojot Powers the Weekly Business Temperature of COVID-19 Impact on Silicon Valley Companies

Data-driven insight is powerful, particularly in a crisis!

People, businesses, and governments around the world are dealing with the paralyzing effect caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. These effects manifest and change daily! In such a significantly changing landscape, the need to understand the substantial impact of the crisis on companies is very important. The strategies and critical decisions that businesses adopt to deal with the impact on their corporate financial ‘health’ inevitably have an effect on the larger state and country economies.

The San Francisco Bay Area’s Alliance of Chief Executives have weathered through 2 other major crises in their 24-year history – the 2000 dot.com crash and the 2008 world financial crisis. But now they face possibly the most serious crisis! According to Paul Witkay, the Founder and CEO of the Alliance of CEOs, “Although no one enjoys these crises, my experience has been that times like these force CEOs to think more creatively and generate more counter-intuitive strategies.”

In classic Silicon Valley-style, the Alliance of CEOs swung into action in mid-March, by deciding to launch a weekly business sentiment trend analysis with a 1-minute CEO Business Trends Survey. The results are published within 24 to 36 hours of deployment, every week. Their objective is to leverage this weekly trend analysis of how Bay Area CEOs are experiencing the COVID-19 crisis to help them all plan more effectively and make better decisions. Additionally, the survey engagement was designed to provide an easy way to let the CEO Alliance leadership know if their company executives had any questions or challenges that might be helped by someone else in the Alliance community of CEOs. How has your business changed during the pandemic?[emojot type = “button” size=”small” key=”5770bdd408a69b2050a9764f” id=”5770bba70409e08c75a46b04_5ecf8361bcf5270010920cf1″ clientid=”TxflwzfAaMujFELGh_egokuaUnAa” clientsecret=”db6b2R0xXbw9dgU9Ig7pHfh6AMoa”]

The CEO Alliance uses the Emojot platform, to efficiently deploy these weekly surveys, and to analyze the data in real-time. Emojot has re-imagined the concept of traditional text-based surveys (interestingly named, Emotion SensorsTM), by pushing intelligence onto the front-end and creating an appealing visually-oriented response experience. This enables the Alliance to reduce the time spent by their CEO respondents (average of 1-minute) and to focus on the information they seek, such as,

  • Gaining a sense the depth of impact to their diverse economy
  • Identifying when business activity begins to trend back up; and
  • Projecting when everything might return to a “new state of normal.”

This initiative undertaken by the Alliance of CEOs has grabbed the attention of Forbes.com, and they have been monitoring and publishing a series of articles on “How COVID-19 Is Affecting San Francisco Bay Area Companies”.

Emojot is a global pioneer in real-time, emotion-based, intelligent experience management. Emojot empowers companies with critical insights, and recommendations that accelerate revenue, reduce churn, and enhances brand promise. With its innovative, software-based ‘Emotion SensorsTM’ and AI-driven analytics, Emojot’s enterprise-grade SaaS platform provides the agility needed for fast and flexible omnichannel touchpoint survey deployments and built-in touchpoint maps and respondent journeys. With Emotion SensorsTM, companies can now deliver quick, and easy experiences to their customers that result in break-through survey response rates. Emojot’s powerful analytics and AI-driven instant recommendations give businesses powerful capabilities to respond and act in real-time to delight their customers and employees.

In addition to the Weekly Business Sentiment surveys, the Alliance of CEOs uses Emojot to get feedback on their monthly member group meetings which have now transitioned to a virtual format during the COVID-19 crisis. The Alliance uses Emojot’s dynamic group deployment portal for this purpose, which allows each member group director to deploy the survey via SMS or email to meeting participants. The feedback and comments are immediately synchronized with the Alliance group CRM on Salesforce.com through Emojot’s Salesforce integration.