How Emojot’s CXM Solution Helped a Clothing Manufacturer Improve Customer Satisfaction in Real-time


B2B organizations must prioritize ensuring customer satisfaction to identify and address any issues, in order to maintain a positive relationship.

A top clothing manufacturer that collaborates with major global clothing brands needs to assess their customers’ satisfaction level regarding the provided services.

The company faced a challenge where a traditional survey would not suffice as it tends to tire out participants and does not meet the organization’s high user experience standards. Additionally, the company sought to view the survey results in real-time with intricate analytics and text analysis.

The Solution

The clothing manufacturing company’s challenge was effectively addressed by Emojot through the implementation of their Customer Experience Management (CXM) solution.

The CXM solution offered by Emojot proved to be the perfect fit for the clothing manufacturing company, as it provided multiple deployment methods, including email. The company was seeking an engaging and eye-catching way to capture customer satisfaction in real-time, and Emojot’s solution achieved this through the use of a customized sensor embedded in an email sent to customers.

Emojot solution consists with the following:

  • Customized and branded Emotion Sensor™: Emojot’s Emotion Sensor™ were tailored to incorporate brand-specific elements and skip logic, aimed at reducing survey fatigue and enhancing user engagement. This allowed for targeted questioning to be directed towards customers, resulting in higher-quality data.
  • Business hierarchy based customer mapping:  Emojot platform mapped the business hierarchy of the customer with the vendor’s business to gain more in-depth insight from the survey without hindering the user experience.
  • Personalized email templates: The Emojot platform offers personalized email content that can enhance the recipient’s experience and engagement. The email templates are highly customizable, allowing for dynamically changing salutations, sender names, and sender email addresses.
  • Real-time analytics dashboard: The real-time analytics dashboard provided by Emojot platform enables the clothing company’s management to monitor the success of their email campaign and the level of engagement. This facilitates the identification of customer responses, comments, and feedback, thereby helping to identify areas of strength and areas of improvements.
  • Score based customized reporting: Emojot’s Emotion Sensor™ can assign scores to responses for easy-to-understand analytics reports. Customizable analytics portals allow for the creation of specific reports, which can uncover important information about a company’s level of service and provide a competitive advantage in the market.
  • Integration with corporate mail box: Emojot platform’s agility and easy integration capability allows the clothing manufacturer to use Emojot email sending portal to integrate with their corporate O365 account and send emails under the corporate email address.


The use of Emojot’s solution resulted in the following outcomes for the leading clothing manufacturer with a global client base:

  • Increased insight into the customer mindset: Based on the campaign results, the clothing manufacturer was able to identify the organization’s key strengths and pain points that required immediate attention.
  • Increased customer goodwill: The customized and engaging nature of the survey created a positive signaling effect that can foster a long-term business relationship for the organization. 
  • More from less : With the business hierarchy being mapped to the customer, the clothing manufacturer managed to get more data from asking less and that insights were greatly helpful for them to identify the health of the business relationship with the customer.
  • Data driven decision making: By utilizing advanced data analysis tools and AI-based text analysis, the clothing manufacturer was able to quickly identify areas of concern and problems from the information obtained through data visualization. Additionally, this helped them to capture customer feedback more efficiently. Emojot customer satisfaction solution embedded standard customer satisfaction indexes such as CSAT and NPS making the data reflect key performance indicators


In conclusion, Emojot’s Customer Experience Management solution proved to be the ideal fit for a leading clothing manufacturer seeking an effective way to capture customer satisfaction in real-time. Through the use of a customized and branded Emotion Sensor™, personalized email templates, a real-time analytics dashboard, and score-based customized reporting, Emojot was able to provide the clothing manufacturer with valuable insights into their customers’ satisfaction levels. 

The company was able to identify key strengths and pain points, improve customer goodwill, and make data-driven decisions based on advanced data analysis tools and AI-based text analysis. Overall, Emojot’s solution helped the clothing manufacturer maintain a positive relationship with its customers and gain a competitive edge in the market.