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How Emojot’s CXM Solution Helped a Clothing Manufacturer Improve Customer Satisfaction in Real-time

Introduction B2B organizations must prioritize ensuring customer satisfaction to identify and address any issues, in order to maintain a positive relationship. A top clothing manufacturer that collaborates with major global clothing brands needs to assess their customers’ satisfaction level regarding the provided services. The company faced a challenge where a traditional survey would not suffice as it tends to tire out participants and does not meet the organization’s high user experience standards. Additionally, the company sought to view the survey results in real-time with intricate analytics and text analysis. The Solution The clothing manufacturing company’s challenge was effectively addressed by Emojot through the implementation of their Customer Experience Management (CXM) solution. The CXM solution offered by Emojot proved to be the perfect fit for the clothing manufacturing company, as it provided multiple deployment methods, including email. The company was seeking an engaging and eye-catching way to capture customer satisfaction in real-time, and Emojot’s solution achieved this through the use of a customized sensor embedded in an email sent to customers. Emojot solution consists with the following: Results The use of Emojot’s solution resulted in the following outcomes for the leading clothing manufacturer with a global client base: Conclusion In conclusion, Emojot’s Customer Experience Management solution proved to be the ideal fit for a leading clothing manufacturer seeking an effective way to capture customer satisfaction in real-time. Through the use of a customized and branded Emotion Sensor™, personalized email templates, a real-time analytics dashboard, and score-based customized reporting, Emojot was able to provide the clothing manufacturer with valuable insights into their customers’ satisfaction levels.  The company was able to identify key strengths and pain points, improve customer goodwill, and make data-driven decisions based on advanced data analysis tools and AI-based text analysis. Overall, Emojot’s solution helped the clothing manufacturer maintain a […]

A $1B Software Company Gains Visibility and Improves Customer Health with Emojot’s Customer Success Management Platform

Introduction A $1B B2B software company was facing challenges in tracking the “health” of their customer accounts. The company’s data points were scattered across multiple internal platforms, with some critical data points not available in any internal systems. This led to difficulties in performing root-cause analysis for underperforming client accounts. To overcome these challenges, the company turned to Emojot’s Customer Success Management (CSM) platform. The Solution Emojot customized its cutting-edge CSM platform to address the software company’s business challenges.  The solution included: RPA Agent-Based ETL Model: Emojot utilized Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to extract, transform, and load (ETL) data from various sources into a unified NoSQL data storage. This process enabled efficient data retrieval and consolidation of disparate data points. Custom Scoring and Health Score Formula: Emojot’s CSM platform facilitated the creation of quantifiable data fields with custom scoring, allowing the software company to define their unique customer health score formula. This helped to accurately evaluate the overall health of customer accounts. Emojot Emotion Sensors™: To capture data points not available in any internal systems, Emojot Emotion Sensors™ were employed. These sensors effectively gathered vital information necessary for comprehensive customer health assessment. Real-Time Dashboard with Drill-Down Capabilities: Emojot provided the software company with a real-time, drag-and-drop dashboard, allowing for in-depth analysis of customer health factors. This dashboard supported root-cause analysis by enabling the company to identify fluctuations in customer health scores. Results With Emojot’s CSM platform, the software company experienced significant improvements in customer account management.  The key results included: Improved Visibility: The platform provided a clear and comprehensive view of customer account health, enabling proactive decision-making and actions. This allowed the company to address potential issues before they escalated. Real-Time Root-Cause Analysis: Emojot’s CSM platform enabled the software company to monitor fluctuations in customer health factors in real time. […]

Enhancing Call Center Efficiency and Caller Experience with Emojot’s Automation Solution

Introduction The education industry is highly competitive, and it’s critical for institutions to engage with prospective students effectively. For a leading education provider offering a wide range of disciplines, this meant addressing a key issue that was causing them to miss out on potential students.  The education provider’s call center played a crucial role in engaging with prospective students, but the manual processes in place were hindering its efficiency. The high volume of daily inquiries led to errors in recording and reporting data, prompting the institute to seek a solution for streamlining the call center operations and improving the overall student experience. Furthermore, various common issues were identified in the call center operation, such as the need for training to manage the labor-intensive manual processes, a lack of synchronization between the call center and student information systems leading to inaccuracies, and difficulty in maintaining the necessary material for prospective students online. The Solution Leveraging its cutting-edge workflow automation solution, Emojot provided the education institute with a customized solution to automate their call center operations. By addressing the institute’s specific needs, Emojot was able to enhance the overall student and call center experience and improve operational efficiency.  The call center automation solution involves: Results By utilizing Emojot’s solution, the education provider was able to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their key customer touch points, resulting in the following: Conclusion In conclusion, Emojot‘s call center automation solution has proven to be highly effective for the education provider, allowing them to streamline their operations and enhance the overall student experience. With Emojot’s customized solution, the institute was able to improve call center efficiency, increase engagement with prospective students, and make data-driven decisions with ease. These results have undoubtedly given the institute a competitive edge in the highly competitive education industry.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Uses Emojot to Gain Dealer Insight as They Prepare for the “New Normal” in Selling Vehicles

The Covid-19 crisis has upended life as we knew it. Preparing for a “new normal”, one of USA’s largest automobile manufacturers, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), has started to re-imagine the vehicle selling process. FCA is headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, and has more than 2600 dealerships across the United States. FCA has a culture of engaging with their dealership stakeholders in order to understand their on-the-ground realities when making strategic decisions. As the Covid-19 crisis forced businesses across the United States to shutter up, FCA has started to explore how they could adapt their vehicle selling processes in the “new normal” to cater to Americans emerging from their shelter-at-home period. Amongst the strategies they are considering are how they could systemize remote new vehicle delivery options for sales and test drives. FCA has been using the Emojot platform to regularly and effectively engage with their dealership network stakeholders who are at the frontline of selling and delivering vehicles, parts, and services, for the Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Fiat, Ram, and Maserati brands. When FCA needed to get quick feedback on remote vehicle delivery and test drive scheduling software options for their post-Covid19 planning, they turned to Emojot to rapidly deploy a 2-minute visual survey. Emojot deployed the campaign for FCA in less than 6 hours. The geo-map below shows the coverage density of the survey respondents from FCA dealerships who responded while “working from home”. Emojot’s Emotion Sensors™ have consistently received high response rates amongst FCA dealership stakeholders, and this campaign which was launched in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis followed the same trend, both in terms of quantitative question responses as well as qualitative comments. Since Emojot’s Emotion Sensors™ have intelligence on the front end, we are able to provide FCA with the added insight on role segmentation, and […]

How Emojot Works for Logistics?

With the rapid growth of technologies, our lives continue to change extensively. Research has pointed out that technology adoption is the most powerful tool for organizations to maintain their competitive edge. The survival of an organization in the age of an evolving knowledge-based economy depends on how they improve their technological capabilities, across all business operations. Keeping this focus area in mind, organizations should develop and implement sufficient methodologies and modern technologies in the logistics field and integrate collaborative logistics processes to be even more competitive. A growing number of logistics organizations are pressurized to change their traditional management style – operationally and organizationally – to a more robust, integrated system that will help increase speed of information flow for rapid decision-making practices. To reach this goal, organizations should invest on new information and communication technologies. Essentially, the type of technologies that would provide vital information such as customer feedback/customer sentiment at their fingertips. The type of information that would help them understand customer satisfaction levels with the services they provide. This information can certainly be generated by a simple, yet effective customer engagement platform. A solution that follows an effective customer engagement process that would primarily act as the voice of your customers – across all your logistics business operations. And most importantly a solution that uses something as simple as an ‘Emotion Sensors™’ that can be used across all digital platforms – be it a Kiosk, Email, Whatsapp, Viber etc.  Wouldn’t it be thrilling to know how your customers felt about the efficiency of your services? Or, wouldn’t it be even more thrilling to understand which of your services require improvements, and that too straight from the horse’s mouth? We know that Emojot’ voice of customer solution not only has the ability to translate into an effective customer […]

How to Create a Life-long, Emotional Connection with Guests via CXM

The restaurant industry is a high-risk business proposition. With the influx of competition working their way up the ladder of success, you are expected to perfect your restaurant offerings and services – for your guests as well as your employees. The key to success is to focus on customer engagement initiatives that facilitate keeping in touch with your guests, understanding their restaurant experiences, and encouraging them to increase the frequency of their visits. Did you know that 60% of businesses fail in the first year? There is a lot at stake here. To outrun your competition, how would you ensure your restaurant’s success? For starters, understand the pain points faced by your Restaurant? Do you: find it difficult to understand your customers’ journey, build a good rapport with them or retain them? struggle to obtain customer information and implement a successful loyalty program? fail to incentivize your employees in order to motivate them and increase their productivity levels? feel like your personalization strategies are limited and add no value to the customer conversations you are trying to invest in? feel like you are unable to keep up with technological advancements that have revolutionized solely for customer engagement? Secondly, understand the importance of customer experience (CX) initiatives. Customer experience (CX) initiatives provide an outside-in view of the customer experience. Without these initiatives, it is difficult to, understand the customer journey, quantify customer sentiment and perceptions, Identify improvement opportunities, and, measure the impact of customer experience initiatives. If these initiatives are implemented accurately, your restaurant will generate: 69% increased loyalty 68% increased sales 67% increased referrals Thirdly, understand the criteria for selecting a customer experience management platform (it should essentially address your pain points) Find the right partner to help act on your strategy to drive guest conversions and retention into revenue. […]
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Our Sensational Pre-Super Bowl Emotion Sensors™

Pre-Super Bowl Emotion Sensors™ If you’ve ever attended a Super Bowl Sunday party, watched the game in a sports bar, or even heard your coworkers talk about it by the water cooler, you know that the Super Bowl is a big deal. Fans have strong emotions and reactions about their favorite teams, the best plays, the referees’ calls, the halftime show, and even the commercials. Furthermore, there are quite a lot of Super Bowl aficionados – according to Statista, “the 2015 Super Bowl had a record-breaking average TV-audience of 114.4 million viewers,” and the 2018 Super Bowl wasn’t far behind, with 111.3 million watching. With these stunning numbers in mind, it should come as no surprise that this sporting event is also highly anticipated. Fans start planning their Sunday afternoons, talking about potential plays, wondering what the halftime show will look like, and generally getting excited for the Super Bowl well before it comes on TV. At Emojot, we’ve designed our state-of-the-art emoji-based surveys, which we call Emotion Sensors™, to harness just this sort of viewer fervor. Our Voice of Audience Emotion Sensors™ help entertainment companies better understand what their watchers want. In addition, these Emotion Sensors™ can actually engender greater enthusiasm and engage viewers. If you’ve ever talked to a football fan right before a big game, you know they love to share their opinions and reactions. Perhaps they are happy-face about their team’s chances, sad-face regarding a prominent player’s recent injury, or eyeroll-face about the NFL’s choice of halftime performer. That’s why the days leading up to Super Bowl LII seemed like the perfect time for the Emojot team to test out and showcase our simple yet powerful Voice of Audience Emotion Sensors™. We conducted a Pre-Super Bowl Emotion Sensors™ for fantastic results. Read on to learn more […]

Store Versus Screen: Black Friday in the Twenty-First Century

For decades, Black Friday has loomed large in the retail world, as we discussed in the first in our series of blogs on this extraordinary shopping event. In fact, even the phrase “Black Friday” might conjure up images of long lines twisting around storefronts, crowds of people clustered in front of glass doors about to open, and masses of fast-moving shoppers rushing through aisles. In fact, many view this shopping event as an annual outing, and its attendance even outpaces that of popular amusement parks. According to U.S. News and World Report, “Americans spend more time shopping on Thanksgiving weekend than they do visiting Disney hot spots,” with a stunning “fifty-five percent of Americans” partaking in the purchasing. As most Black Friday aficionados can attest, there is a particular satisfaction in discovering the perfect sale item in the store and carrying it triumphantly out the doors. At the same time, digital technology has transformed nearly every facet of modern life, and shopping is no exception. In all likelihood, you use a digital cart just as often as a real one, clicking on your favorite items rather than taking the time to go pick them up in the store. The magic of Black Friday has always been in making holiday shopping more convenient for customers, understanding and catering to their needs. While this unique retail event still undoubtedly takes place in person, it is increasingly popular online, as well. The savviest companies leverage both in-person and Internet Black Friday techniques to attract customers and amplify their profits during the holiday season. At Emojot, we use sophisticated technology to help businesses better understand how their customers feel. Our innovative Emotion Sensors® allow respondents (emoters) to express their emotions using their favorite digital tools – emojis! We are passionate about helping enterprises expand […]

Shedding Light on Black Friday

Black Friday is far and away the biggest shopping event of the year. Over 100 million people dragged themselves out of Turkey comas and into bustling stores in 2016 alone, according to The Balance. Millions more participated in the shopping festivities online. However, despite Black Friday’s undeniable popularity, it’s also one of the most often misunderstood marketplace extravaganzas. With mysterious origins and an uncertain future in this digital age, many retailers aren’t sure quite what to make of Black Friday. Unfortunately, this results in myriad missed opportunities for all kinds of companies, who could be giving their customers happier holidays while boosting their businesses. At Emojot, we’ve designed state-of-the-art surveys to help companies better understand how their consumers think and feel about their products, services, and sales. Our emoji-based surveys (called “Emotion Sensors®”) give businesses invaluable insights into their customers’ reactions to their brands. Our research team realized what a difference truly understanding Black Friday could make for our clients, so we decided to do what we do best: an Emotion Sensor®! We received responses from hundreds of customers, who shared their emotions, opinions, and general reactions to this massive shopping event. In the following blog, learn more about the origins of Black Friday, current trends, and what we discovered based on our innovative Emotion Sensor®! This is the first in a series we’ll be publishing covering the ins and outs of Black Friday in depth, so check back next week! Black Friday Beginnings Even the most zealous shoppers and busiest retailers likely don’t know why this day after Thanksgiving event is called “Black” Friday. As it turns out, this name has quite the storied, and varied, history. The History Channel explains: “The first recorded use of the term ‘Black Friday’ was applied not to holiday shopping but to the […]

How to Start a Voice of Customer Program?

We are all about the notion in believing the customer is king and what not! It’s true, isn’t it? As a brand, although we start the engine, the customer is in the driving seat- steering us all the way. He/she will decide where we are headed and it’s up to us to ensure that our engines are oiled and ready for the joy ride ahead. If you get this notion right, you’re good to go! If you don’t, prepare yourself for some heavy repairs that consume lots of time and energy – that could have been saved if you only understood what was wrong. Listen up. The Voice of the Customer is what’s going to save your brand and your peace of mind (phew!). To make your life easier, let me take you through a couple of essential steps to start your Voice of Customer Program. Listen Up! Everyone loves to give their two cents on everything. It’s a part of being human. Listening, however, is something that should be practiced over time. It’s an acquired skill. Especially true, when it comes to nurturing a good relationship with a significant other. Believe me, when I say, most people never listen and don’t even realize the value of it. In this context, however, listening to your customers adds onto your learning curve to steer your brand in the right direction. Yes, improving their experience is supposed to be on top of the list for most organizations. But, the starting point of improving their experience begins as soon as you take the time to listen to them. Listening will enlighten you on how you can get a lifetime commitment from your customers. It’s just around the corner. So, it’s high time for you to listen. Listen to them and show them that […]